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How Do I Make Money?

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You love your Young Living products. Your friends and family have started to ask you some questions about the oils they keep seeing in your diffuser or about which ‘perfume' you're wearing. And now you are curious about how this whole making money with Young Living thing works. We have you covered!

First thing to know: You need to be a brand partner to be eligible for commission. To become a brand partner you just need to order a business essentials kit and sign the brand partner agreement. The business essentials kit is super affordable (less than $20) and then you will be all set up to receive commissions.

Bonuses to know about:

  • Starter Bundle Bonus: Whenever you refer someone who orders a Starter Bundle, you will earn a $25 bonus. Check out the resource linked below to check out the Starter Bundles on the list!
  • Fast Start Bonus: This is a big one! You get 50% commission on anything your new customer orders in their very first month. Then you get 25% commission on anything they order in months 2-3. This can add up quickly! you need to be commission qualified to receive the bonuses on month 2-3

How to be commission qualified:

  • All USA brand partners have a monthly 100 CV requirement for rank and commission qualification. Customer Volume (CV) is any combination of volume from front-line (sponsored) customers and/or a brand partner's personal purchases (PV).
  • In simple terms: You need to either order 100pv or more on your personal order each month OR have customers on your first level that have ordered a combination of 100pv or more. Or a combo of the two! YL keeps it really easy in your virtual office (your business website) and will show you once you are commission qualified each month!

Ongoing commission: After the ‘fast start' period is over you will continue to make a percentage of whatever that customer orders as long as you are commission qualified. The percentage depends on where they are in your organization as you continue to build your business. The percentage ranges between 8% and 4%.

As you continue to refer people you can be eligible for even more commission and bonuses as you hit certain ranks. So you have even more to look forward to in the future!

Resources to not miss:

  • How to Refer Someone - This resource walks you through how to share your referral link!
  • Launch Your Business Course - This course walks you through everything you need to launch your business. You can do it at your own pace and there is information and coaching at each step from us!
  • Pro Life Steps App Subscription : The Pro version of this app gives you access to tons of valuable business resources: styled photos to share, graphics for social media or texting, videos to use for reels, business zoom recordings, shareable landing pages with your referral link, and more! It is just $8.99 per month and will save you hours and hours of time!

We have linked some resources below that will help you get started and give you more information if you want to dig in even further!